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Custom Balsa Frog Popper - Brown Frog Sz. 2

Local, handmade balsa popping bugs.


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hackle, marabou, epoxy, air brush, balsa

Bass love frogs. The sound and profile of a frog swimming across the surface of the water is often too irresistible for a bass to overlook. A topwater frog worked across the surface can lead to some of the most violent takes that exist in the sport of fly fishing. Both Largemouth and Smallmouth bass will feed voraciously on frogs when presented with the opportunity to do so.

These flies are hand carved from Balsa blanks. They are shaped, sanded, and airbrushed by hand to mimic the size, color, and shape of frogs that can be found anywhere in the country. A coat of clear epoxy is applied to create a durable, lasting finish that will hold up after catching numerous fish. The cupped mouth and long legs creates an audible pop and disturbance on the water that can attract fish from quite a distance.
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