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SIMMS - Simms Vaportread Boot

Designed for the adventurous angler who desires lightweight, minimal wading boots for accessing remote, pristine backcountry fishing holes.

If you rarely stay in one fishing hole for longer than twenty minutes and prefer to move fast on the river while you fish, turn to the Simms Men's Vapor Boots. Designed with Simms VaporTread platforms, the Vapors deliver trail-ready and wading-ready performance for the adventurous angler. The VaporTread features molded 3D footbeds with arch support and ball flex that align your feet for all-day comfort and optimal bio-mechanics. Molded dual-density EVA midsoles provide cushioning for hiking comfort and enhanced proprioception. The molded TPU heel cups ensure heel-hold and lateral stability while the VaporTread platform's molded, minimal, and hidden TPU retention plates provide lightweight cleat retention and enhanced proprioception. 

To keep the Vapors lightweight, Simms used synthetic leather, textile, and scratch rubber in the uppers while giving the entire boots a low-profile, minimal design. Anatomical top lines at the collars add comfort. The partial neoprene linings provide wading warmth, cushioning, and an easy on-and-off while the Vapor's traditional lacing helps ensure a just-right performance fit. 

Simms also gave the Vapors a CleanStream design which includes features and materials that are more resistant to hitchhiking organisms—less exposed stitching, fewer ridges and pockets, and non-absorbent materials—all to make the boots easier to inspect and clean. And for long-lasting traction on trails, slip-resistance in water, and toe protection, you can rely on the Vapor's molded Vibram Megarip rubber outsoles with 4 millimeters of self-sharpening, multi-directional lugs. 

  • Synthetic leather, textile, scratch rubber uppers
  • CleanStream design
  • Partial neoprene lining
  • Anatomical top line at collar
  • Traditional lacing
  • VaporTread platforms
  • EVA midsoles
  • TPU heel cups
  • 4.0mm Vibram Megagrip rubber outsoles
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