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Gehrke’s ® is easy to use. Simply dab a little Gehrke’s ® onto a dry, dry fly (before it is allowed to get wet) and rub it into the fly until dressed. Hackles do not become matted or caked with Gehrke’s ®. A serious fault of silicone based dressings that attract dirt, grit, and which cake expensive hackles into a matted mess. Gehrke’s ® is fly friendly in all aspects. The product will even float a bare #8 light wire dry fly hook, but this is nothing more than an entertaining thing to see float in a glass of water. Simply rinse the fly after a fish is caught and false cast dry. Dress only the first two inches of tippet from dry flies with Gehrke’s ® as this is all the leader necessary to float from the fly.

Gehrke’s ® has no smell or odors and leaves no oil slicks as other dressing do. Gehrke’s ® is an original invention that is environmentally safe and “Fly Friendly”.

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