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Nate Sipple's Top 8 Smallmouth Flies

Long time Smallmouth Guide Nate Sipple's Top 8 Smallmouth Flies


Nate Sipple's Top 8 Smallmouth Guide Selection in a Tight Lines Snap Box.

- Name:  Nate Sipple


- Favorite Month to Fish Smallmouth:  June


- Favorite Rod/Reel/Line/Leader Setup:  Sage Salt HD 790, Sage Spectrum LT 7-8, RIO Winter Redfish Line, RIO Bass Leader, 10lb Maxima Chameleon Tippet


- “Elite 8” Fly Choices:

1) Boogle Bug (Solar Flare)

2) Porky’s Pet

3) Sparkle Minnow (Black Light)

4) Fat Albert (tan)

5) Murdich Minnow (gray/white)

6) Diving Bug (frog or perch)

7) Boogle Bug (Yella Fella)

8) Murdich Wiggler (white or tan)


- If you had to pick just ONE smallmouth fly, it would be the: Tough one… For enjoyment, it’d be the Frog Diver.  For effectiveness and versatility, it’d be the Murdich Minnow


- One item (other than rod, reel, fly) that you can’t smallmouth fish without is: Forceps/Pliers.  These fish can absolutely inhale flies and having a way to safely unhook them and pinch barbs is critical.


- 79 degrees day, no wind, hungry fish.  The one beer you want in your hand is: Keweenaw Red Jack Amber Ale


- One person, alive or dead, you’d like to guide?:  Bob Uecker… Just so he could offer commentary throughout the day. 


- Last Question… Favorite new item you’ve added to your fishing collection lately?: I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between the Fishpond Thunderhead Sling Pack or the Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody… The thing is seriously comfortable and built for anglers. 


Tight Lines guide Nate Sipple comes to us from the waters of Western Wisconsin.  Having grown up on the Kinnickinnic River, Nate has had a fly rod in his hand for over 25 years and is entering his 13th year of guiding full-time for the shop.  Equally at home in his drift boat or wading, Nate guides his clients to a variety of species, including smallmouth bass, muskies, steelhead, migratory brown trout and carp. An avid fly tyer, Nate is constantly experimenting with new patterns and materials, relentlessly trying to improvise, invent or improve patterns that will consistently put fish in the net.  Nate has been featured in a variety of publications as well as the movies “Spey Daze”, “Off the Grid” and “Summer Haze”.  Nate is currently involved with both Trout Unlimited and the Wisconsin Smallmouth Alliance.  New waters, new techniques and the relentless search for the next great eat are what drive Nate to get on the water early and stay out late.


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