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Walleye and White Bass Streamers

These are the real deal! Hand tied locally and tied to the exact specs from those who started it all.


We are known as a fly shop but we had so many requests for these that we had to have them available for anglers.  For years many friends of ours in the Hmong community have shopped for materials at our store to tie this specific fly.  It is my understanding this is used mostly on a Wolf River Rig and in many cases out fishes bait.  The magic in this streamer is its size, hook weight and lightly dressed wing.  The hook is a premium Daiichi 2461 black, straight eye, light wire, Aberdeen hook.  The hook is small and light weight and allows the fly to swim as naturally as possible in light currents. 

This is not a mass produced, cheaply tied knock off of the real thing!  These are locally tied with the exact materials and specs from the masters of this technique.

*The purple is the EXACT color shade the experts are looking for.  Product number BTL092

*limited supplies

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