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Squimpish Flies - Squimpish Sparkle Blend

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Boutique Blends

Looking for a versatile fly tying material that will help you create realistic and effective flies? Look no further than Boutique Blends! Our super premium blend of Squimpish fibers with traces of flash and other synthetic and natural materials is the perfect addition to any fly tying arsenal. Here are some of the key features and benefits of Boutique Blends:

  • 100% synthetic fiber material best described as a cross between bucktail and polar bear
  • Custom color way with no color bleed
  • Fibers in blends are 4”-9” in length, making them perfect for a wide range of fly sizes
  • Squimpish fibers are the same diameter from base to tip but staggered in length creating a very natural taper
  • Can be cut to any length and reshuffled to bring back the natural taper and shape
  • Blend-able and stackable, allowing for endless possibilities in creating your ideal fly
  • Handmade in small batches for consistent quality and attention to detail
  • Retains little to no water, shedding water with ease on each cast

When you receive your Boutique Blends, simply remove the band to reveal the full length of the blend. Then, reshuffle the materials by hand to remove any creases and create a natural taper. With Boutique Blends, you'll have everything you need to create effective and eye-catching flies for your next fishing adventure.




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