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Frantic Tails

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Frantic Tails are ultra-lightweight, bite-proof, synthetic fish-tails that can be used for almost any style of baitfish fly pattern or surface popper. They are easy to tie with an innovative attaching method designed to give the fly maximum tail movement and help prevent fouling when casting.

Frantic Tails™ have a realistic baitfish profile offering fly fishermen a simple and effective alternative to using hackle and other traditional tail materials. They are made of an almost indestructible synthetic suede that cannot be bitten off, will not shrink and is easily colored with a permanent marker pen. Most importantly, they produce a frisky, fish-attracting tail action when fished!

The secret to the tails frantic movement is the unique design and method of attaching the tail to the hook. Instead of tying in the tail on one side of the hook like similar products, the Frantic Tail has a unique “flap” design that is used to create a “hinge” effect that positions the tail directly behind the hook shank in a balanced way. This hinge acts like a spring and generates movement from the tail with very little effort by the angler. In addition, the hinge provides a strong, stiff connection point for the tail which virtually eliminates any fouling.

Medium for hook sizes #4, #2, #1
Large for hook sizes #1, 1/0, 2/0

8 Tials per pack in Medium
6 Tails per pack in Large

Perfect for making the CK Baitfish!

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