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Regal Inex Vise

The REGAL INEX VISE combines simplicity and function in a vise that embodies rustic elegance. The INEX VISE features the same versatile, powerful gripping head design and materials that made REGAL the industry leader. Great performance for the $$$!!!


At Regal Vise, we take the challenge of building a strong vise seriously. But we don’t stop at professional-level performance and grip – our vise heads, bases, and accessories are all built with an eye on design. Using top-of-the-line materials, each Regal Vise is hand-crafted by a small team of professionals in Orange, Massachusetts who want their work to stand up to the test of time. We have fly tiers routinely tell us they are still tying flies on a Regal they purchased decades ago.

Part of our commitment to creating the best vise on the market is working with professional tiers. Our products are made by fly tiers and anglers for fly tiers and anglers. We work with our pro staff and other professionals in the industry to create vises that work and stand the test of time. As a small team, we are proud of the creativity we bring to the vise market and plan on continuing the tradition of introducing innovative fly tying products to our customers.

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