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Smallmouth Modern Fly Fishing Methods, Tactics, and Techniques

Smallmouth bass swim in more streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs than any other gamefish, and exceptional, world-class fishing opportunities for them are found across the country, from the John Day River in Oregon to the Great Lakes, to Maine’s Penobscot. While numerous books have been written on smallmouth, this is the first book to cover the cutting-edge techniques and fly patterns being used by some of the country’s top fly fishing guides. Though most of these flies and techniques have been developed and refined in the rivers and lakes of the Midwest (a hotbed of smallmouth fly fishing) anglers can adapt them for their waters.

  • Cutting edge fly patterns for smallmouth, including full color plates and recipes, as well as new techniques for fishing these patterns
  • A “tips” section from various guides, both old school and new, including Luke Kavajecz, Kyle Zempel, Austin Adduci, Kip Vieth, and Bart Landwehr
  • Covers smallmouth bass essentials including biology, behavior, and where to find trophy bass
  • Interviews with Mike Schultz, Lefty Kreh, Chuck Kraft, and Larry Dahlberg
Kevin Mcbride 29-04-2021 19:11

Best book on the topic for sure!

Owen Williams 23-09-2020 11:44

I am loving the detailed tactics, funny anecdotes, gorgeous photography, and great writing in this amazing book. I highly recommend it for smallmouth fly anglers like me hoping to take their game to the next level. While it is written by a syndicate of very experienced guides in the upper Midwest, these techniques translate well to our fisheries here in the mid-Atlantic.

One thing that struck me is that the writers are still regularly surprised by our favorite North American gamefish even after all their cumulative years on the water. The bronzeback certainly works hard to keep us humble.

Michael Roghman 08-02-2019 02:43

Thank you guys for this fantastic book on smallmouth! By far the best work done to date on the topic.

5 stars based on 3 reviews